Now tennis has become one of the popular sports among other sports; it has played in many countries worldwide. It also has many fan following which comes across the country to watch the match. Firstly, it originated in England, and there are many sports tournaments such as the French Open, US Open, Wimbledon, and many more. It is a sport played between two opposing players by hitting a ball with a racket. For the best tennis racquets visit: 


This sport is played on a rectangular court with a net in the center; the court can be of any surfaces like clay, grass, carpet, etc. it required only a tennis ball with a racket. It can be played in a single or double match if one player on each side or two players depends on the game. The players have to hit the ball over the net, which results in your opponents so that he cannot return the ball. You get the point if your opponents are unable to return the ball in the court. For the single match, you use the inner side tram line in the court, and for the double match, you use the outer tram line in the court.

Scoring of the game

  • Scoring of the game is like easy as other sport, a player with points will win the match. But in these points system is changed as if the player got 1 point will be known as 15, if the player got 2 points will know as 30 and if the player got 3 points will be known as 40. After that, there will be a fourth point, which results in the winning point; if anyone gets the point first will win the match. So the player needs to be score four points for winning the match. But at the end of the game, if points are equal 40-40, this will be a tie known as deuce if the player reaches the deuce, so the player must win by two points.

Rules of the game

Rules and regulations play an essential role in every game as it includes some points to play the tennis game. It also includes some restrictions that the player has to know before fairly playing the game.

  • Before the game start, there will be a toss; the player who wins the toss will going to serve first from any side with his choice.
  • The server will get two advantages for serving the ball; if he failed in the first serve, it would get the second serve, but it also fails to serve in the second serve; the player will lose the point.
  • If the player touches the net and distracts his opponent, he will automatically lose the point.
  • After the service, the number of shots can be unlimited unless players fail to hit the ball in scoring areas.
  • For winning, the player must win six games by two or more. If it becomes tie means ends up at 6-6, the player will play first to 7 points.

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